Here you can find out all you need to know about the wonderful teachers that will come to Magdeburg in 2023. Drumroll please …

We are very proud to present Nik & Gina from Saarbrücken as our first teacher couple for 2023! JB & Charlotte will also be with us this time around.

Also with us – and for the first time in Magdeburg: Gustav & Laia from Barcelona!

Laia & Gustav


At this year’s Broadway Swing, you will have the chance to meet and learn from Gustav and Laia! They’re an electrifying Lindy Hop teaching couple travelling the long way from Barcelona, Spain, to celebrate with us. With their passion for Lindy Hop as well as dancing in general, Gustav and Laia have become the dynamic duo of the international swing dance scene!

Whether you are just starting out or are an experienced Lindy Hopper, Gustav and Laia bring a wealth of experience and a fun, engaging teaching style to every class. We are looking forward to having great Lindy Hop sessions with them!

Gina & Nik


“I love dancing! Blending in with the music I feel happy and complete!”

Gina has been spreading the joy of dancing for more than 8 years now. In her classes, she includes Lindy Hop, Authentic Jazz, Charleston, Slow Drag, Blues, and tap dancing. She teaches weekly classes at the “Lindy Hop Saarbrücken Dance Academy.” Moreover, she travels across Germany and internationally to countries such as France, Luxembourg, Spain, Greece, or Ireland to bring her love for rhythm and dance to others. Beside her work as a swing dance teacher, she performs with the theatre play “Swing Heil!” which deals with the history of the Swing Youth in Germany during the Nazi regime.

“In my teaching, I want my students to get to know themselves and develop their own unique style.”

Accompanied by music and dance from an early age, Nik has loved swing dances since he was 14 years old spending every free minute on the dance floors of international swing festivals with his sister, Jovanna. In his classes, he focusses on the harmonious interplay of body, mind, and spirit based on a natural rhythmical understanding. Niklas loves to stay true to the roots of Lindy Hop in the Savoy era and enjoys swing as a chance for lifelong learning: most recently, he has jumped into the poly-rhythmical world of African dances in order to understand the feeling and greatness of the roots of Lindy Hop. Inspiring dancers internationally by his joyful nature, he has already brought his passion to countries all over the world.

Charlotte & JB


For quite some time now, Magdeburg has hosted a group of motivated dancers that want to share their passion for Lindy Hop with others. Over many years, Jean-Baptiste was shaping this collective, teaching the university sports classes and organising taster classes every Monday in order to win new, passionate dancers for the Magdeburg swing dance community. Now based in Potsdam, he will visit us once again together with Charlotte! She has been teaching swing dance in Potsdam for a while now, inspiring many new dancers along her way with her talented and engaging style of teaching.

You will be able to experience Charlotte & JB in the Downtown and Midtown levels, where you can look forward with us to have their experienced guidance for extending your swing repertoire in exciting workshop lessons.

For questions and feedback, please feel free to email us. 🙂

Our wonderful teachers @ Broadway Swing 2022