We have prepared three levels for you. If you are not sure which level to choose, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will find the right level for everyone!


This is where the Broadway starts. Running through the old port area, the Broadway leads you through the earliest buildings of New York City. This also fits your dancing. You have never danced Lindy Hop before or have visited only taster classes and a few social dances. Now you want to learn and strengthen the basics of the dance. With the first figures, you want to prepare for your Lindy Hop journey up the Broadway.


Passing through the busiest part of Manhattan, the Broadway beckons with skyscrapers, a wide range of shopping opportunities and, of course, the famous theater district. In order to enjoy the Lindy Hop activities along this part of the way, you can already dance 8-count and 6-count, triple steps and groove walks and can use these basics confidently in figures. Ideally, you have not only taken a shot at social dances but have practiced your moves in classes. Your focus now lies on learning new figures to participate more confidently in the bustle that is the Lindy Hop.


Leading through quieter residential areas, the Broadway connects the famous Juilliard School and Columbia University before leaving Manhattan through the musical diversity of Harlem, the center of Lindy Hop. This progression suits you, as you have danced Lindy Hop for a while, you know all the basics including the swing out and you are not afraid of different tempos and partners. You do not focus on learning new figures but rather on developing your technique and personal style in order to improve your musicality and ensure that you are dancing to the music.